At a Glance



Wonters Facilities Management (FM) Limited was set up 10 years ago but the roots of our business was established in Cambridge over 30 years ago. Having started out in Mechanical Services we have diversified to meet the growing needs of our customers, as a result we now provide a broad range of Construction and building related services utilising our sister company, Bayard Construction, and through our core business we now can offer a complete tailored package.

We are a professional company who are committed to providing high quality work for a competitive price. We achieve this by utilising a dedicated skilled and motivated team who understand the needs of our customers and the environments they are working in.

Being a competent service provider and understanding the business we are in we have built up strategic partnerships to offer additional services alongside those services we have offered for many years.

An expanding business we are dedicated to delivering high quality services to our customers within the domestic and commercial markets working in Healthcare, Charitable Organisations, Hospitals, schools, Universities, Colleges and we have many residential customers.