Looking for a construction contractor?

Then Bayard constructions are the perfect company for the job.
We specialize in industrial, commercial, institutional, civil and residential construction services.
Over the years, our reputation has spoken for us and we are proud of our achievement. Our incredible track record has made us the undisputed partners of our customers and they have in return recommended us to their friends, both around the neighborhood and working place.
Building of new construction requires maximum attention right from the planning phase, as any mistake in the planning, if not corrected before foundation is laid could have a significant effect on the building when its fully erected and if care is not taken, bad foundation or mistake during construction could cause a collapse, either partial or complete collapse of the building.
And with such mistake, lives could be lost, most especially an industrial project which could claim up to 100s of lives depending on how big it is, same with institutional construction. But whatever construction is, no life deserves to be lost, and that is you have to contact us for your constructions.


From the planning phase, designing, architectural work to completion of the project, we will handle every stage with care, and so either its residential project or community building project, we are capable of delivering the best service known. We can also customize the assigned project to how you want it.
When you contact us for your building project, we take our time to listen to you, your ideas, what you want, why you want it, and we will tell you how we can help, we suggest what to do, the best materials, and when our appointment with you looks fruitful, we will then submit our quote, the quote will consist of every aspect of the project, the materials we will use and everything that the project will involve.
You can be guaranteed that therewon’t be any ghost price, every penny we spend will be well accounted for. In other to create trust, we do not collect money without our customers seeing what it’s been spent on, we account for every dime spent.
So why not give us a chance and we give you a reason to consider us again.