Model Room – University Arms Hotel, Cambridge

The refurbishment of room 228 and, the adjoining corridor on the second floor of the old 1930’s North wing building.

The refurbishment project will include the followings works:

Removal of existing doors and frames, skirting, architraves etc.

Generally enabling works to strip the room back to the basic shell.

Making structural changes to existing door openings:

·         Forming a new entrance to room 227

·         Enlarging entrance door to room 228

·         Removal of a wall to form new riser cupboard in the corridor backing on to room 228.

·         Removal of walls of the existing light wall so as to increase the size of the bathroom in room 228, in order to achieve this, it will require fitting of support steelwork within the light well at 1st-floor ceiling height.

Removal of service pipes and soil vent pipes etc. that are lagging around the service pipes has been identified as Crocodile asbestos, and this will be removed by a specialist sub-contractor, and after that, relevant certifications will be issued upon completion.

Carry out proper alterations to the asphalt roof around the light. This will be made up of timber joists on hangers etc. as the engineer’s design.

Rebuild new wall to reduce the size of the light well from 100mm lightweight blocks and timber frame internally, plasterboard and skim.

The construction utilizes strip foundations, suspended prestressed concrete floor slabs, masonry cavity walls with facing bricks/weatherboarding exterior finish, masonry internal walls, and timber flat roof construction.

Build new timber stud wall forming new ensuite

Fit new metal framed ceiling in bathroom and entrance lobby plasterboard and skim.

Electrical works will include new lighting, fixture, and fittings, most of the electrical items will be for display only.

Install new doors, skirting, architraves, picture rail, and others

Fit new ceramic wall, floor tiles and install sanitary ware, this will be dry fit only for display purposes.

Cary out decorations.

The corridor is to be refurbished, similar enabling works to the room.

New timber molding to the doors and walls as the Architects plans.

Electrical works to fit new wall lights and the alterations to the existing fire alarm system and new smoke detectors.

Decorations and Laying of new carpets.

The room and corridor are being refurbished as model displays for the client to view and asses for the future re-development project.

Wolfson College – 49No student Bedroom Refurbishment


The site is located at block M – P, the structure was originally constructed in the 1970’s with concrete floors with facing bricks, and was extended to form second floor level in 1991.

The staircases do not interconnect and all have their own separate entrances one to East court and the other to Lee court. The accommodation arrangements in each staircase differ, varying between bedroom, ensuite sets with associated kitchens, bathroom, and WC facilities, there are currently 51 rooms, this will be reduced to 49 rooms.

“M” and “P2” staircases are very similar, each with 11 small ensuite rooms and a shared kitchen.

“N” staircase has 3 shared sets and 6 single studio flats, the shared sets will turn into 5 small ensuite and a communal kitchen, this staircase requires the most structural work.

“O” staircase has 17 rooms and one communal kitchen which will be changed to 16 rooms and 2 communal kitchens.

The general structural condition of the property is good.

An extensive asbestos survey has been carried out by MLM Environmental. All asbestos will be removed by a licensed compliant company.


The work in the rooms will consist of:

Re-configure bedrooms and kitchen in N & O

Remove existing windows and fit new replacement Aluminium double glazed

Remove existing hot water storage cylinders located under the stairs and replace with new mains fed cylinder.

Overhaul and upgrade the existing ventilation system.

Dot and dab existing blockwork walls and plaster skim.

Install/rewire new electrical wiring to all rooms and staircases.

Overhaul existing entrance doors to each room

Strip out existing ensuite/bathrooms and fit new Whiterock to walls and ceilings and install new sanitary ware and showers as specified.

Remove existing kitchens and fit new.

Remove all flooring to rooms, staircase, landing, kitchens, bathrooms etc.lay latex screed as required and lay new flooring.

Create new access to loft/roof space.

Create new cleaners cupboards.

13No 2 bed Apartment Block – 132 – 136 Newmarket Road, Cambridge

Demolition of a single storey building located on a busy high way of Newmarket Road.

This is a new four storey building with high development comprising of one, two bedroom apartment, 1 or 2 bedroom apartments and aground floor commercial / retail outlet on the ground floor with the residential store for cycles etc. at the area

Construction will be a traditional concrete trench and fill the foundation with reinforced concrete ground floor ring beam against the adjoining building,

The ground floor slab will be 225mm block and beam structure with reinforced concrete columns and reinforced concrete podium slab above to the first floor, second, and third-floor slabs will be prestressed hollow core slabs.

The external fabric of the building with be fundamentally brickwork with a mixture of zinc, aluminum and cedar cladding with painted and stainless steel balustrading to the balconies.

The roof with be a mixture of weathered zinc and single ply saran fill Upvc membrane.

All internal walls will be lightweightCelcon blocks with 13mm hard wall plaster system to cover, the ceiling will be a mixture of MF suspended covered with plasterboard and suspended in lay-ingrid-type ceiling to common areas.

Carpentry works will be painted MDF skirting and architraves with fire rated oak doors to all the apartments, and paint fire rated doors to common areas.

Kitchens and bathrooms will have a standard specification.

There are little external works, block paving will be laid to comply with SUDs system.


Kneesworth House Hospital – Mental Health Work

Icknield Seclusion Rooms

2.1.1      Alterations to the existing staff WC, sluice room and existing seclusion room this will involve removal of walls, ceilings etc. and form new seclusion,  wet room, observation room, and sluice room.

Hoarding will be erected along the corridor to maintain a secure workplace, new timber stud walls will be built as required and covered with 18mm plywood.

New metal framed ceiling fitted to all rooms, these will be lined with 9mm MDF in the seclusion room, wet room, observation room and plasterboard in the sluice room.

Seclusion room walls and ceiling will be covered with Polyflor vinyl, the floor in the wet room will have Altro Aquarius nonslip vinyl coved and welded to the wall vinyl, observation room and sluice room floor will be Altro walkway non slip flooring.

New metal seclusion room doors fitted, and oak veneer fire doors fitted to the observation room with the Vistamatic panel and solid oak fire door fitted to the sluice room.

Anti-ligature ironmongery, fixture, and fitting will be used as standard and visible fixing will be pinheadTorx screws or similar, anti-barricade doors will be fitted to the entrance of the observation room.

We will remove the window, break out brickwork below and fit new softwood door frame with fresh plywood over panel, fit new exterior grade solid core plywood door ready for staining with 3No  325mm x 325mm vision panels glazing, which will be 10mm toughened and 10mm laminated double glazed units.

Air conditioning will be installed to the observation room and ducted to the seclusion and wet room.

Observation room and staff room walls and ceilings will be decorated.

2.1.2      It is expected that the construction work will start on 18th September 2017 and last for 10 to 12 weeks.


Icknield 1st Floor Refurbishment

2.1.3    To carry out enabling work to 2No bedrooms and corridor as required, this will involve stripping out beds, removing blockwork walls, lifting flooring, among others

Carry out alterations to electronics as required, chase walls and fit back boxes, fit the new light to the center of the ceiling.

Fit new door lining and install new 30/30 fire rated oak veneer solid core door with 400 x 400 Vistamatic vision panel, the door will be anti-barricade with stainless steel pull cup handles, anti-ligature self-closing door closer, and then install dual smoke/fire strip’s around the edge of the door.

We will plaster walls and ceiling as required in bedrooms only, fit new MDF skirtings and architraves.

Fit new Corian radiator cover.

Apply latex screed to bedroom and corridor floors and lay new Kardean vinyl floor.

Decorate ceiling and walls with high-performance diamond matt paint, skirting’s and architrave with exterior weather shield with quick drying.

Remove silicone mastic from sanitary ware and apply new anti-pick silicone as required.


Orwell Ground Floor – Clinic Room & Tea Room

2.1.3    To carry out great work in the above room as required, this will involve stripping out cupboard units, worktops, lifting vinyl flooring etc.

We will also carry out alterations to electrics as required, chase walls and fit back boxes, fit new light to center of the ceiling.

Fit new door lining and fit new 30/30 fire rated oak veneer solid core door with 400 x 600 easily opened hatch in the clinic room door, and 400 x 400 clear vision panel in the tea room door, the doors will be anti-barricade with stainless steel pull cup handles, anti-ligature self-closing door closer, and fir dual smoke/fire strips to edge of the door.

We will plaster walls and ceiling as required in bedrooms only, fit new MDF skirtings and architraves.

Also, we will fit new Corian radiator cover.

Apply latex screed to bedroom and corridor floors and lay new Kardean vinyl floor.

Decorate ceiling and walls with high-performance Diamond matt paint and skirting’s and architrave with exterior weather shield quick drying.

Apply new anti-pick silicone as required.